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Bunny Hawkersmith, owner of Bunny’s MMA here in Winchester, held a children’s MMA event that brought competitors from as far away as Los Vegas Nevada to compete. Tail Light Productions who films Larry the Cable Guy, Ron White, and many more other hit shows came here to film for a reality show that will spotlight Bunny’s Children’s MMA here in the US. The reality show will be presented to A&E in late May, after that production will begin this fall for the series. A&E is the network responsible for the mega hit television series Duck Dynasty.

Bunny has created the first children’s MMA program with competition for children inside the octagon cage. Bunny’s children’s MMA competitions are structured very similarly to adult MMA competitions. However, due to the physically demanding nature of the sport, children competing in his MMA competitions follow a different set of rules. Because Bunny’s MMA is dedicated to the safety of the children, competing in these MMA events, extra rules and safety precautions  are always taken. These extra rules and precautions help protect the children competing from unnecessary risk and injury.

Bunny has received worldwide attention from various media agencies and news networks since starting his children’s MMA program. Here in the US, Bunny’s children’s MMA has been featured on Inside Edition. Bunny gained worldwide recognition when his children’s MMA program was featured in a documentary produced by Sky 1 Broadcasting, the biggest sports network in Europe. Sky 1 sold the documentary to countries all over the world, and since it’s success Bunny has had his children’s MMA events filmed for TV by the biggest networks in Germany and France.

Bunny has received a reputation for putting on professional quality events for both children and adults. Currently Bunny puts on the largest amateur adult MMA events in the state of Tennessee, and he holds the only children’s MMA events in the state. Through his hard work and willingness to give back to his community, Bunny has brought thousands of people to both his adult and children’s MMA events here in Franklin County. In these hard economic times, this has given Franklin County a huge surge of much needed revenue. Bunny has stated that he has and will continue to put Franklin County on the map.

(February 4th 2013)CNN Headline News is reporting on Childrens MMA programs. As Bunny stated 4 years ago when he developed this program for kids,

It is the fastest growing sport and will soon be in every hometown. There is more to MMA than violence, it develops self confidence, respect, discipline and a sense of accomplishment and physical well-being.

Bunny’s MMA has been on the leading edge of this sport for the past several years and will continue to be in the fore front of this new and controversial sport sweeping the World.

As staed this sport is spread fast. Bunny has never had any injuries and the parents of the children involved are most supportive.

The United Fighters Alliance has already developed a network of affiliate training facilities and expects the sport to be center stage in the next few years.

Feel free to comment or contact us for any additional information. We have been aired in a  doumentary that aired worldwide and in United States on  Inside Edition . Currently expanding to foreign countries with affiliates in England. View all our coverage on our website, unitedfightersalliance.com