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Fight For Glory 2010 – UFA Kids
Fight For Honor 2009

UFA Fight for Honor 2009
Noah Mamane vs Monte Burks

The Challenger Training System



The Alliance is committed to bringing together the nations most devoted and dedicated MMA fighters. The alliance supports training centers, gyms, clubs, and organizations that are professionally organized, and expect peak performance from their athletes at all times, in all situations. We will do this by offering the highest caliber training available in the multiple styles of martial arts available throughout the world.


To enhance and develop Mixed Martial Arts by combining like minded gyms, training centers, and organizations in and out of the fight cage by creating structure, fellowship and opportunity.




       The UFA was established in 2008 to recognize the training, hard work, and time athletes put into this sport to become MMA fighters, students and trainers.

            Unlike all other Martial Arts that use belt ranking systems of various colors to represent a student level of experience, the UFA system uses a bar system to represent the students level of experience in MMA. Students in MMA will test periodically for a gold bar rather than a belt color like other Martial Arts. Students will test for up to 9 gold bars with the tenth bar being a black bar in MMA.

            Unlike belts in other martial arts that are worn around the waist, UFA MMA ranking uses a gold bar which is sewn onto the fighter’s shorts. They are stacked from bottom hem of shorts and upward.

            At the beginning of MMA training a student will be given a test to establish his/her initial ranking, then thereafter will be tested periodically to increase rank by only 1 bar per test. Students with previous experience joining a UFA school will be entitled to a placement to determine their level of experience to begin.

            After 9 gold bars a student must complete a probationary period, length to be determined by their instructor, before being tested for their tenth gold bar and awarded a rank of Black Bar.

            Then the student can earn his black bars which continue to represent his/her level of expertise as other Martial Arts use Black Belt Degrees to represent a second and third degree Black Belt and so on. Rather than months, testing for Black Bar degrees can often take years in between.

            The mission of the UFA is to develop and implement a ranking system that is fair, uniform and consistent to achieve an organization of fighters who bring to competition a recognizable level of experience and legitimate evenly match fights and competitions. This system will ensure fairness and legitimacy for MMA fighters around the world.

            For more information on the benefits of your school joining the United Fighters Alliance and how we can grow together to become the premier MMA organization please contact us. We will be glad to discuss the potential growth and establishment of your school in becoming part of a legitimate and consistent ranking organization recognized worldwide.