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Fight For Glory 2010 – UFA Kids
Fight For Honor 2009

UFA Fight for Honor 2009
Noah Mamane vs Monte Burks

The Challenger Training System


Inside Edition

The nationally broadcast television show, Inside Edition, was in Winchester on Saturday, June 11 at Bunny’s Gym highlighting Bunny’s MMA Children’s class.
The show will be aired later this year, according to producers.
MMA is fast becoming the most popular sport world wide, Bunny Hawkersmith noted.
“People of all ages are becoming involved,” Bunny said. “Children’s MMA classes are popping up all over the world.”
Bunny’s MMA has contributed to this happening. Last year, Sky1 Broadcasting out of London, England filmed a documentary about children’s MMA at Bunny’s Gym. Bunny said it became their biggest children’s show and sold all over the world.
“It couldn’t be showed in the U.S because Fox Network, who wanted to distribute it in the U.S, couldn’t get agree on the financial aspect of it,” Bunny said.
Now, though, Bunny’s Gym is under contract with BM Barcroft Media to produce a second documentary to be aired by major networks within the U.S.
This would be separate from the Inside Edition coverage, according to Bunny.

SHOWING OFF FOR THE CAMERAS—Bunny and Christie Hawkersmith are shown here with members of the Inside Edition filming crew at Bunny’s Gym.